Thursday, 11 June 2009

Up the creek with a paddle

Great news! The little canoe sold on Ebay and the new owner seems to be well pleased! (Thanks, buyer.) The amount raised was exactly that required to send Moses and his sister Ami to school for another term. They're bright kids and deserve the chance for a good education. There was enough left over to buy some rice for Fatou and her mum. Fatou has been having a very rough time lately and has fled a bad domestic scene with her young daughter. She's gone home to mum, which has stretched the family finances so your help has come just in time.
Thanks again to all who help - why not take a trip out to The Gambia and see for yourself?
Next job is to dig out the wireless router which we (me!) bought and then found that the latest computer didn't need ... should be good for a few bob!
Waiting for the arrival of the Gift Aid cheque. HMR&C tend to be a bit busy at this time of year so we'll just keep our fingers crossed for a while.
Thanks to all of you.

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