Monday, 11 May 2009

Moving on

Finally completed the accounts for the last financial year and looking forward to the coming twelve months. Seems to be starting well; we've resolved the problems we had obtaining travel insurance. The bank where we keep the GOES account (Co-p Bank) have been most helpful and we have joint annual insurance with all our 'existing conditions' taken into consideration for a little less than we paid last year. It's a great comfort.
Horija, one of the students you've been supporting, moves into the final term of her MA at Kampala University. She's been seriously ill but she's better now.
Fatou has arrived at the training school where she will study to become a nurse. She'll be living in a village house and has to provide her own bedding and cooking equipment - you've helped with this, too!
Tida has completed her first steps back into education. I thinks she's worried about not doing too well but those of us who have returned to education after a long break will understand her fears. Once more you've been instrumental in helping her and her children.
On the home front we've been interviewed by a student who is considering helping with GOES as part of her work to obtain Gold in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. Fingers crossed, she'll be most welcome and there's plenty for her to do!
Best wishes to all of you, and thanks for your support.
Joyce & Tom

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