Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Back to barter??

Trying to organise exchanging an inflatable canoe and a wireless router for mobile 'phones and/or a laptop. Why? Well, mobile 'phones are really a necessity in The Gambia; owning a mobile can save a small fortune over there because it can save numerous, possibly futile, journeys by bush taxi - and save all the time involved in waiting for a taxi to turn up. They are especially valuable during the rainy season when some roads become impassable. And the laptop? Well, I remember talking to a highly intellegent young man (whom we later sponsored through university) asking me what a computer looked like. Had he been a student in this country he would of course been using one for years. He had never seen one. So far we've supplied several laptops to students but there is always a need for more. We can at least be certain that the people we give them to will make good use of them and not just sell them on to raise a quick profit. So, Ebay, begging letters and dropping hints to friends. Fancy a canoe?!
Best wishes. Get well soon, Jenny!

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