Monday, 7 April 2008

Good news Monday!

While most of our efforts concern the young lad with the infected leg - the local doctors being quite good at writing reports that agree he needs treatment but not fixing a date for his operation - other matters are going well. The school in Bundung has at last been connected to the water mains. Fresh water on tap after a delay of about eighteen months. We have also raised the money for a young family in another village to make a start on their own small house.
The two students we sponsor, one on Lodz, Poland, and the other in Kampala are doing well.
Our local GP & Travel Clinic are giving good advice as is our wonderful Pharmacist in Warrington who has been most helpful researching inexpensive solutions to some of the Gambian health problems we have presented him with. Good news Monday indeed. Later today we go to the Writers Group meeting with crossed fingers for more good news! Just failed to load some pictures from Picasa but, as you see, failed again!

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