Saturday, 2 February 2008

Home again

Title's a bit misleading - The Gambia is like a second home. Good news waiting on the mat: after deliberating for four months HM Revenue & Customs have decided that G.O.E.S. is a worthy cause and declared that we are a charity for tax purposes and can claim Gift Aid payments.

Some progress with our boy with the bad leg. Went with him to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Banjul and managed to speak with the doctor supervising his case. It seems that there is a team of Cuban medics in Banjul at the moment, one of whom is qualified to conduct the required operation (a bone graft). The problem is to find a place on the list for our young friend. Probably an incentive of some kind is required. The boy's brother went to the hospital to buy the report on the boy's latest examination last Friday. The clerk who was charged with copying this had not reported for work that day and nobody had the password for her PC. She'd already had ten days to do the work and knew it when was to be collected ...

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