Thursday, 7 February 2008

Busy day!

Communications with the village were excellent today so made the most of it! Spoke to Ousman, big brother of the boy with the bad leg, and congratulated him on the work he's doing. He has obtained two towels for the boy's exclusive use, some antiseptic cream and a further supply of antibiotics (he lets us have receipts for the money he spends). He will travel again to Banjul hospital tomorrow, collect the medical report, show it to Gibril (the haematologist) and pass it on to us.
I also managed speak to the doctor and reassure him of our continued interest and support.
Then, this afternoon, we visited our local Borders bookshop. The lovely lady we spoke to took twenty copies of the VRWG anthology, asked for a G.O.E.S. collecting box and offered to put on a display about the work of the charity.

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