Sunday, 21 October 2007

Sponsoring Lamin

We really should make a list of all the students/mothers/children we sponsor. Lamin, for instance, has been a friend and student for five or is it six years now? I first met Lamin on a pitch dark night, chatting to a group of the local boys - Sanchabo Football Club - as it turned out. I was very impressed with the intelligence of one of the lads who asked lots of questions - and still remembers my replies to this day! I realised the gulf between our respective ways of life when he asked me to describe what a computer looked like.

Since then we have sponsored him through school and college in The Gambia and now during his studies at university in Lodz, Poland. Throughout this time he has accounted for every penny and has returned money when we have "overpaid" him. Here he is at Banjul airport seeing me off before I return home from a visit to his village.

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