Friday, 19 October 2007

Panic packing

Three more sleeps then off to Africa. Suitcase is the problem - people are so generous. Our office cleaner turned up today with loads of lovely baby clothes, books, paper & pencils - and soft toys. Sarah offered to let her two children sponsor a Gambian child each. The kindness of strangers. I feel so moved by the generosity of these friends who take my word that there is a need and offer help to people they will prbably never meet. I suppose they could, and I take comfort in the fact that GOES is accountable. We can direct people who are thinking of a holiday in The Gambia to the children and parents they are helping.
Don't suppose that we'll hear about the Registration of the Charity as I'd forgotten that although our posties are back at work when we posted it off the Liverpool posties were still on strike. It will be another reason to sweat a bit more while I'm out there. The main reason is that the temperature out there is in the 90's. Should be a little cooler at night ...
28 tabs of Malarone for £49 from SuperDrug, and cut rate garlic tabs from Holland and Barrett should see the mozzies off. Adama still won't tell me where I'm staying except that it is very nice and I WILL like it. I think that means the room has a bed and not just a mat on the floor.
Really looking forward to seeing my friends - Ma, my adopted sister and her husband; Adama and her family, of course; friends Manneh and Modou who have been so reliable and helpful while I was with SHINE-Africa; Ras-Bai who I met running on the beach at Bakau; Awa and her children - she has asopted Joyce as her sister - so many lovely people.
Back to the packing!

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