Friday, 5 October 2018

Back to the Blog :-)

GOES seems to be working fairly well in its new slim -line form.
We've sent money to the clinic to re-stock the drugs cupboard, we've supplied bags of rice for distribution to families in need, and we've paid school fees for the students we support.
This all depends on trust, but then, so much in life does. I don't anticipate any problems, maybe naive, but if we don't trust one another what is the point?

Here I am, slaving away over a hot laptop, adding a few thousand more words to Jodie Two, the second volume of Jodie Sonko's autobiography. When it's published on Kindle (about Christmas 2018, I hope) all money from sales of the book, as with all the Malinding Village story books, will go to helping people, young and old, in Gambia.

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