Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Gambia 2016

... I forgot to mention the emergency visit to hospital the night we returned to UK ... interesting times. Still, we're fine now! Exhausted, but fine!
During our visit we took medical supplies to Banjul hospital, delivered to the medical supply storeroom under the gaze of a doctor (thanks, Liz). We re-stocked the medical store cupboard at the village clinic - they had run out of everything except a few packs of Paracetamol - they now have enough anti-biotics to last at least a month. More about the clinic in a later post.
We visited a newly established kindergarten, part of a Lower-Basic (Primary) school.  The headmistress is an enthusiastic lady, devoting her life (and most of her salary) to improving the educational chances of the village children. We left a substantial gift of English Dictionaries and a monetary contribution to the school meals fund (all the children are given breakfast before they start work!)
GOES funded the visit of a small boy (and mother) to Dakar for a check on progress after his earlier operation to remove a cancerous growth near his eye. He's fine!
We funded treatment for a serious case of pneumonia - a talented teacher at another school we're associated with. We also supplied funding for paper, books and pencils for her school.
GOES supplied corrugated sheeting for a damaged roof, sacks of cement to repair a crumbling house, reading glasses for a couple of dozen people, mobile 'phones to replace those lost/stolen/strayed.
At least a dozen youngsters, mostly girls, were able to start or continue their education by the time we left - GOES had paid their fees for the remainder of the year.

Please support GOES - buy the Kindle ebooks about Malinding Village - Empty Bananas, The Alkalo, Mussukunda, The Mechanical Girl, Stories for Gambian Children, Story's End, Happy Nest, and Chasing Freedom Home. All income goes straight into GOES bank a/c and almost immediately from there to the Gambia to help people in need.

Best wishes, Tom & Joyce

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