Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Exchange rate problem

There are a lot of pleasures in running a small charity like GOES. We meet a lot of people who are interested in what we do and why we do it. We have the pleasure of seeing improvements in education and health care.
There are problems, too. Problems, not 'issues')
One problem appeared today - the value of the GBP (Great British Pound) has fallen dramatically in a very short time. Last week we sent some money for medical aid to a family who live near Banjul. The exchange rate was D77 to the £. Today we sent some money to help a young student - the rate now is D55 to the £. This means, sadly, that the student receives less than we hoped. Our money has shrunk - we won't be able to help so many people or to give deserving people less than they need.
The Gift Aid money we received last month has gone to clinics, hospitals, schools and needy people - it has gone! Sadly, it hasn't been replaced yet with donations or sales of the Malinding Kindle Ebooks. We only sold 1 book last month - thank you, kind buyer in Italy - you have some idea where your money might have gone! All money from the sales of books goes straight into the GOES bank account. We take no money at all from the Charity - we pay all the expenses of GOES, we pay all our own expenses and we donate a tithe of our income to the charity. We do it for love, not money!
We need a little help from our friends - hint, hint!
Best wishes to all of you,

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