Thursday, 5 February 2015

More bits of paper!

The trial pack of paper for the ECG machine in Banjul Hospital arrived safely in just under a week. It is the correct size and the ECG machine car whurr or wizz into action again. So we sent more paper - ten packs this time, 3oo z-fold sheets to a pack. One little snag: because 10 packs of ECG paper, carefully packed, weighs just over 2kg, and because the Post Office charges a huge amount to send anything heavier than 2kg to The Gambia the cost of the exercise seemed enormous. But there's good news too. At a meeting of the Vale Royal Writers' Group on Monday night a good fairy writer slipped us a generous donation - so we could pay the postage! Things often work out nicely.
 We'll be away from home for a few days; we need a little R & R. Sadly, it won't be a trip to Africa - funds are a little low at the moment but as one of my favourite Dickens character said 'Something will turn up' and it did - just like it did last Monday!
 Still, please don't stop buying the Malinding books - the latest, the final (probably) one is selling well. I said something will turn up ...

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