Sunday, 28 September 2014

Short break, now back to work!

We've been on a short bus trip to France - we needed a break! Met some delightful people and saw some lovely places. Came home tired but refreshed!
Came home to a very nice surprise - some people we met at one of J's History groups not only had listened to us very patiently but also sent a very generous cheque which goes straight into the GOES bank account. Regular readers can guess it won't stay there for long; we'll soon find work for it to do!
During the days before our little holiday we had sent funds to a family to pay for their granddad's medical care, school fees for another family, help with an irrigation project, wages for a couple of teachers and support staff  and I had managed to write another couple of chapters for the latest 'Malinding' Kindle ebook (with the hope that it will be a best seller. All proceeds go to GOES!)

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