Saturday, 26 April 2014

Next trip?

Some time ago I posted a picture of our spare bedroom, showing the bed covered with items people had donated to GOES and which we managed to pack and, thanks again to Thomas Cook's gift of extra baggage, deliver to needy people, clinics and schools in The Gambia. I should have photographer the empty space - it didn't last long! The room is filling up nicely again with donations of clothing for children, medical supplies, books - a neighbour gave a couple of dictionaries - reading glasses: the list goes on!
 Almost decided on the cover design for 'Chasing Freedom Home' - then just one more re-read and commit to Kindle (with fingers crossed). Mussukunda is so far the best seller of the series - it's a happy-ending story - so I'm a bit doubtful about the future of 'CFH' - it's an anti-slavery, dystopian novel.
 Almost ready to post-off (what's the on-line equivalent ?) Gift Aid claim; we need this to set GOES up for the next season.
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