Thursday, 27 March 2014

All in a week's work!

Honestly, we really do more than sit around chatting to our friends and eating delicious Gambian food. Sometimes we really are quite busy! But yes, we do sit around and chat! The art of conversation is alive and well and living in The Gambia. Everybody has a turn to speak and it's rare to be interrupted. I love this country; the eagerness for education, the kindness to strangers, the politeness of children and the gentle sense of humour.
 I'll deal with the work GOES did on this visit but for now I'm just enjoying memories and wishing I was back in the sunshine.
P.S. If you're waiting for a text from me I had better tell you I've lost my 'phone. Hope to find it soon ...
Best wishes, and thanks to all my friends for their help.

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