Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Sorry - still no photographs!

I did try, honestly I did. I managed to send a picture of the spare bed hidden under a mass of carrier bags filled with goodies for The Gambia to my Facebook page but I failed miserably to post it to this site - I need a bright ten year old child as assistant!
 Visited the Travel Clinic for jabs today and chatted to the nurse about The Gambia - her bro-in-law has been out twice raising money for the street children. A couple of hours later this same nurse rang us at home to say she's collected some medical gear for us to take out to the clinic! People are so kind - I must remember to thank my daughter for her kind contribution to GOES this week.
Somehow we failed to get an extra baggage allowance from Thomas Cook this time so we have a problem with what to take and what to leave for next time - can I manage with just one shirt, one pair of socks etc. for a fortnight?
 Really looking forward to visiting the schools, the clinics and the homes of our friends again. Why are there no West African eating places in Cheshire? It's a disgrace! I have to be satisfied imagining Shrimps Domoda! Looking forward to my first sip of Malta ...
Bye for now!

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