Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Fire and Malaria

Hello again. I think I mentioned that money doesn't sit in our bank for long; well, the last donation didn't! The kind people from an office in Tunbridge Wells sent a cheque to GOES and that money was on it's way to The Gambia today! (Wish I was going with it!)
 We heard from a very trusted source that there had been a serious fire in a Gambian home; thankfully nobody was hurt but a great deal of damage was done to the interior, bedding and clothing. Candles give a lovely light but it's fire!
 About the same time (yesterday) we also heard from a family in another village that there was severe sickness and we were able to send help today to both families.
 I'm also happy to report what may the end of the Co-op Bank saga; after six weeks' delay we again have access to the GOES account - just in time to offer the help detailed above. Coincidence?
Thanks for reading - the blog has well over 5,000 visits now!
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PS - I received some pictures of the fire damage but in my attempt to load them onto this blog they vanished! If I do manage to recover them I'll try again ...

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