Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Vale Royal Writers Group to the rescue!

VRWG, together with the Dead Good Poets of Liverpool, hold their Summer Wordfest tonight in the Blue Cap inn, in a Cheshire village - Sandiway. We'll listen to some excellent poetry and prose, enjoy the company and hope the raffle raises some funds for GOES. If you're up for it bring some of your own poetry or stories along because there will be a few 'open mic' sessions. Writers will sell you their books, the publican will sell you drinks and food - what's not to like?
Naturally, you've already bought the Malinding series of e-books about village life in West Africa? Just to celebrate our heat wave I've put 'The Mechanical Girl' on free e-book offer on Kindle ... and did I mention that all income from sales of the Malinding books go straight into GOES bank account? Yes, thought I did!
If you can't make it I'll let you know how much we raise - and what we spend it on! Lately we've funded school fees, medical help, the installation of a water supply at a clinic, a wheel chair for a young woman, a new back door for a family home - and a few more bags of rice for hungry people. Thanks for your help (if you buy all the Malinding books we can give a mosquito net to some one who needs it!)
Thanks again.

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