Saturday, 24 November 2012

Ten days till this is on its way!

People have been giving us all sorts of goodies to take to The Gambia in December. This is some of it! We have three suitcases and 60kg to take (thanks again, Thomas Cook and the staff at Warrington!) People are very kind and understand the needs of people in Sub-Saharan Africa. When ever we travel out there seem to be dozens of people taking things out for their Gambian friends. We started off years ago helping ShineAfrica, another small charity supporting Nursery Education. After that first visit Africa bit! It won't let go either! About thirty trips later there is still more to do. It would be lovely to think that all the politicians in the world could soon solve the problem of poverty in the world but until that happy day thousands of people who aren't politicians will continue to help when ever we can.
Thanks again to all who have helped - you know who you are! Just viewed this - seem to have lost the picture! Sorry - probably on the bed in the middle of the muddle ...
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