Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Who was the 3000th viewer?

We should celebrate - Gambia GOES has just reached a total of 3000 views!
1097 from the USA (I know some of you, welcome and thanks to the others!)
733 from the UK - can't be the family?
194 from the Netherlands - greetings, new friends!
130 from Russia - welcome, please keep watching.
127 from France - hello, neighbours.
118 from Germany - hello, friends and family.
52 from The Gambia - I wish there were more of you. Please keep in touch.
39 from Poland - I think some of you may be Gambians living abroad?
35 of you from Latvia and 31 0f you from Japan - I hope you will travel to West Africa one day - perhaps you have already been there?

This list only adds up to about 2550 so there must be more of you from other places. Please remember, you can add your own comments to the blog. Those of you who have our home 'phone number do remember our house 'phone does not tell us your number if you are 'phoning from outside the UK, only that we have missed your call. Please, if the answer machine plays the message that we are out do wait till after the 'bleep' and leave your name & number, slowly and clearly, then we will be able to call you back.

To all of you, thank you for your interest. We are a micro-charity with very limited resources. We cannot buy you a sheep for Tobaski but we may be able to help with some school fees or medical expenses.
Best wishes,
Tom and Joyce (Amadou & Isatou)

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