Friday, 24 August 2012

Some days are better than others!

As I said - some days are better than others! Writing the fourth book in the 'Malinding Village' series the other day I managed to add two and a half thousand words to the story. This volume has the working title of 'The Alkalo' and is based on the events which bring a woman to be elected chief of her village. Drove home feeling very cheerful, decided to put 'Empty Bananas' on free distribution again (two or three days left if you haven't read this first book of the series) and went to bed happy. Next morning the door fell off the garage where we keep the bikes! Nobody hurt = good. New door needed = expensive = bad! We've been a bit worried about finance for the Charity and this was a blow. Postman arrives, bringing a donation of £50 for GOES! Back to being cheerful again. Many thanks to our benefactor - you know who you are!

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