Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I can see clearly now!

The pile of donated goodies in the spare bedroom grows steadily day-by-day. People, including complete strangers, are so kind. This time we seem to be specialising in reading glasses!
No reason, they're just coming in. We took some out last time - a selection of Poundlands £1 a pair reading specs. We divided them between two clinics and gave out a few ourselves. The results were wonderful to see - and old man cried as he realised he could read his beloved Koran again; an old lady's face just lit up in a huge smile as she held her baby great-grand daughter and could see her clearly. Other pairs went to school children ... the joy from things we, well, things I take for granted.
We've also some lovely knitted baby-hats (must report that a couple of the last batch were hi-jacked by a couple of young mums ...
Thanks again to everybody who supports us. We hope you'll be able to visit The Gambia one day soon. Do take some pencils for the schools, won't you? Old mobile 'phones, perhaps? Tin openers?

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