Thursday, 27 January 2011

Not a pretty picture ...

It's pleasant to see lots of pictures of happy children but this time I feel I can't get away with that. Face facts, life in The Gambia can, at times, be tough. This little boy was not a happy chappy. Both his arms and his legs were covered in this horrible, irritating, rash. His parents had taken him to the clinic and to the pharmacy and enlisted the help of family and friends. There was no lack of concern, no lack of love. Perhaps it's become too easy for us, with a free at point of need health care system. But our National Health Scheme costs millions, billions, of pounds. Money that The Gambia just does not have. Thanks to your generosity and kindness, GOES was able to help. Just a matter of buying the right cream. Result, happy little boy and greatly relieved parents. Little acts of kindness work miracles.
Help is always needed. A talented teenager needs a new sponsor. An injured little girl needs an operation. A young woman wants to complete her diploma in IT. A family man, newly unemployed, needs assistance rebuilding his damaged home. A fatherless family needs a bag of rice ...We cannot help everyone who needs a helping hand, but we can and do help many desperate people.

Please help us.

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