Wednesday, 22 October 2008

"The boy with the leg - again!"

This letter from Alhagie's brother arrived yesterday. When we first met Ousman he spoke English fluently but had great difficulty writing it ( he is also fluent in Arabic and is something of a gifted calligrapher in that language). I'm posting this letter for two reasons; first, to show how he has improved and second, to bring you up to date with Alhagie's progress. As you see, he is recovering well. I had been concerned that his operation may have been spoiled by later re-infection but thankfully this has not happened. He still has to attended the clinic for after-care, and he still needs medication to ward off re-infection. However, thanks to the wonderful support many of you have given he is a healthy teenage lad with a future.
He has missed a lot of schooling but is anxious (at least his parents are anxious!) to return to school and complete his education. If anyone is able to contribute to this please remember it's a long term commitment, and please get in touch with me for more information.
Thanks again to all of you, and best wishes for the rest of 2008.
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