Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Life goes on!

Managed to load the pictures of Alhagie. The room in the clinic looks lovely and clean, but he was, I think, a little lonely and missed the constant comings and goings of his compound. He was delighted with the TV and you can see that he was able to stand up and turn it on! You'll notice how thin his right leg is. It's healing well but he'll have to build up the muscles before he can start running again. He'll be fit to return to school in the Autumn, and we're looking for a sponsor to help him.
It's the rainy season now (here as well!) and there will be requests for help with damaged roofs and walls.
Her Majesty's Customs and Revenue have paid a useful sum of Gift Aid into our GOES account with the Coop bank and we'll find good use for it.
In our spare time (don't retire - you don't get days off!) we are learning to ride a tandem again. Fifty years ago a tandem was our daily transport and we're turning back the clock! I forget the excuse we used to justify it but it's really good fun!
Thanks again to all our supporters - you know who you are, friends!
Best wishes,
Joyce & Tom.

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