Saturday, 12 January 2008

Counting the pennies

A couple of local shops let us have collecting boxes and we've been opening them and counting pennies! The best little coffee shop in town ('Hatters', in Hatters Row) has been really kind to us for years and today added £12.33 to our funds. That amount could either provide four mosquito nets or educate a young child for six months or a teacher's wages for two weeks or buy the paint to redecorate a school or ...
As a friend said recently
"A pound GOES a long way in The Gambia!"
Yesterday we sent some money to buy medicine for the boy with the diseased leg. We've also had to pay for a copy of the doctor's report (he was seen by a doctor at Banjul hospital two days ago). Hopefully we'll be able to get things moving next week when we're out there.

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