Monday, 24 December 2007


Nearly Christmas, and Eid just over. A family time, but not free of worries. Adama is depressed. Her eldest daughter, Fatou, has just left home to live in Serrekunda with her husband John and baby Matti. Adama's other daughter, Ami, is doing well at school. Her son Mussa is also at school. Adama feels that she is an old woman (late forties?) and who will look after her? Fatou is miles away and has her own life to live. Mussa must get an education. Traditionally Ami, the second daughter, would take this role ... There is also the care of Adama's mother and her step-father to be considered. Adama has had this caring task but now she feels old and unwell. She has had health problems for years and it's all too much for her now ...

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